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Ishraq Renewable

Energy Auditing

Offering energy auditing and investigation for all types of facilities by providing technical and financial analysis for potential improvements with minimal initial costs.

Photovoltaic Systems

Providing the best solutions for On-Grid and Off-Grid hotovoltaic systems using leading qualities and technologies according to the highest global standards.

Wind Power Systems

Providing Wind Energy Systems and Services to satisfy the rapidly growing sector of renewables and to add more diversity into the energy mixture.


Ishraq Engineering

BMS & Home Automation

Smart homes are residential extensions of building automation. It involves control and automation of lighting, HVAC, security and appliances to achieve optimum energy usage and better life quality.

Lighting Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of LED and OLED lighting solutions, including high-power, mid-power and low-power products engineered for each application based on the facility type and usage recommendations


Ishraq Electromechanics

Water Treatment

We provide water treatment solutions for individuals as well as commercial applications with the most affordable, yet latest treatment

HVAC & Plumbing

Most reliable source of all MEP services including air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing and water treatment. Our reputation for delivering the highest level of service is constant and a critical element in our success.


Sustainable Academy

Education & Training

In part of our social responsibilities towards the community, we provide full training in all of our work sectors by helping younger generations develop necessary and needed skills in order to upgrade the skilled working force in the community and help providing multiple jobs. We provide training in Solar Photovoltaic, Wind Energy, Home Automation, Water Treatment, Lighting Solutions and Management Systems to engineers and technicians, building these course on our basic courses in Safety, Electrical Connections, Entrepreneurship and Basic Engineering to help reduce the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

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