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Other Project

1. Education for Employment “CoWater”

Aligning with Education for Employments’ vision Ishraq Academy provided trainings for a total of 200 Individuals in Photovoltaic maintenance and installation, as well as participating in their Job Fair event to help allocate local talents and provided sustainable long-term employment.
Our program was focusing on empowering the next generation of Photovoltaic technicians in Jerash and Ajloun.

2. Pro-Fix

Over the period of 6 weeks, Ishraq Academy provided an online training for participants from Gaza strip on:
• Electrical board maintenance and design
• HVAC system designs and installation, with a focus on VRF systems.

3. Applied Science University

Our cooperation with ASU, focused on elevating the level of their engineering department graduates, by hosting a Photovoltaic design and maintenance workshop over the period of six weeks.
The Training targeted senior year electrical and mechanical engineering students, in-cooperation with the university’s renewable energy center.

4. JEA

Ishraq Academy focused on implementing long-term partnerships with Jordan Engineers Association, the leading supporter and backer for Jordanian engineers, which in-turn lead us to cooperate in conducting several training seminars and workshops; to empower and elevate the level of Jordanian engineering graduates.

Provided Trainings:

Course name
Photovoltaic Installation and Maintenance
Home Automation
Graphic design
CCTV Installation and Maintenance


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