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University of Jordan (The Water, Energy & Environment Center)

Jordan University - Ishraq Energy
Jordan University - Ishraq Energy
Ishraq Energy donated a Fuji-Clean waste water treatment system as a pilot plant to be monitored by the students for performance and to conduct scientific research in cooperation with the center.

It is an onsite domestic waste water treatment system with the capacity of 1 m3/day which has a combination of several processes in three different chambers contained in a composite fiber-reinforced tank.

The system is connected directly to the toilets where heavy black and gray influent water mix to be treated so it can be used to irrigation. The results exceeded Jordanian standards for the irrigation for irrigation and toilet flushing purposes.

The system is user-friendly, odorless, requires very low maintenance and is guaranteed to work efficiently for minimal 25 years.


  • Designed capacity: 1,000 L / day
  • Treatment method: Contact Filtration Bed Process with Aerobic & Anaerobic Treatment
  • End Use: Restricted Irrigation & Toilet Flushing
  • Air Blower Power Consumption: 47 Watts
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